Analysis Monday: Age

Each Monday we will be looking at a short extract from a text and analysing what and how the writer has written. Feel free to add your own comments/analysis below!


“In real life, age creeps up on us silently and slowly. A gray hair. A twinge in the back. A new and deep appreciation for a nap. Maybe one day you turn on the car radio and don’t recognize any of the songs your hear. Maybe one day you look at a photo of how you used to look and see what the years have done. It can be so subtle.

Age, though, is never subtle for the greatest athletes. No. They can get old suddenly, shockingly and, worst of all, conclusively.”

Joe Posnanski – The Torture of Age


– “creeps” > This word suggests something slow-moving and something that happens behind your back or sneakily. This establishes the main idea of this paragraph; that you can age almost without noticing it. (The writer then develops this further by using the adjectives “Silently and slowly”

– Use of short sentences to highlight the different changes that may happen to you. They are small, almost unnoticeable changes as reflected by the length of the sentences.”

– This sentence develops the writers’ argument – he goes from talking about how aging is subtle in “the real world” to discuss how sudden and final the ageing process is for athletes.

– Use of the rule of three here to emphasises how brutal the ageing process can be for athletes; these three words build up to a climax – showing that for the athletes the sudden realisation that they have aged is something they can’t reverse.

If you wish to read this blog post in full you can find it here:



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