Analysis Monday – Autobahn

Each Monday we will be looking at a short extract from a text and analysing what and how the writer has written. Feel free to add your own comments/analysis below!

“Lucille was on an Autobahn no turnings off, no roundabouts, no dead ends or traffic lights stuck on amber, no wrong ways or surprises. Whereas I was somewhere in the middle of page 64 in the A-Z, and I was holding it upside down. Deliberately.

Candy Guard

– In this extract the writer describes two very different girls by comparing them to two different ways of travelling. Lucille is someone who is very organised and planned – knows exactly what is coming up ahead and is going exacrly where she wants to, wheras the narrator isn’t!

– Use of the dash lets the writer to expand on the point she is making about Lucille. By listening all the things that the Autobahn isn’t it builds a picture up in the reader’s mind about what exacrly the writer means, which she then sums up at the end of the list. This helps to establish in the reader’s mind exactly what Lucille is like.

– The contrasting image for the narrator is of a jumble – the middle of a map with all the interconnecting roads and images. She then expands on this to say that she is holding upside down, meaning it makes even less sense. This is someone who is not organised, nor knows where she is going.

– The short sentence emphasises the word “Deliberately” and reveals a lot about the character – being disorganised and lost is not a mistake or a character flaw, this is something she chooses to be and something she enjoys being.

Candy Guard is a writer and animator, her website is:


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