Poetry Friday; In The Skip – Brian McCabe

Poetry often makes you look at the world in a new way or perspective and this one takes a fresh looks at the rubbish found in skips.


In The Skip

Half  a dozen bricks

are clinging to their brickness

and to the idea of being

a wall.


Drawers lean on drawers as if

their crazy staircase could recall

the time it was a kitchen cabinet.


A mattress, doubled-up, yearns

to yawn, stretch, turn over

and scratch itself where it’s ripped.


Dust, yes there is dust.

And sometimes I think

my history is there in the skip:


a gap that was once for sitting on;

a piece, missing its jigsaw;

a smatter of glass, convinced

it was always meant to be a window.


I peer into the rubble, to see

What’s salvageable


Brian McCabe


There is something very poignant about all these items discarded in the skip dreaming of being the thing they used to be.

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