Analysis Monday – Blackpool

Every Monday we will be looking at a short extract from a text and analysing what and how the writer has written.

Feel free to add your own comments/analysis below!

pablo-s-special-beautifulThis is a short quote that is (unfairly) cruel about eating in Blackpool!

“Just sniffing the air in Blackpool can harden the arteries. Every day prime ingredients arrive here and, before they can even pause to gulp the bracing air, are dumped in the deep fat fryer.”

Jay Rayner (

– This sums up a traditional activity – sniffing the air at a seaside resort to smell the sea – in this case Rayner turns this positive into a negative to show how fattening the food is in Blackpool

– The use of the word “prime” suggests that these are the best ingredients, that should be tasty and healthy but are not in Blackpool

– Use of personification – ties in with the first image – “just sniffing the air” – and also creates a humourous, flippant tone

– “dumped” – word choice – shows the lack of care and ceremony taken with food in Blackpool, is in contrast to the description of the ingredients as “prime.”

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