Analysis Mondays – Bus

Every Monday we will be looking at a short extract from a text and analysing what and how the writer has written.

Feel free to add your own comments/analysis below!


From a newspaper article about kids not being allowed to drive their bikes to school. (


Thus, every weekday morning, scores of idling cars line up behind dozens of buses disgorging waves of kids. Amidst this, Janette and Adam—each of whom was about 5 feet tall—seemed like a pair of diminutive daredevils wading into a tsunami.

– Use of the word “every” which emphasises that it happens all the time.

– “scores” and “Dozens” – layering up of words to reveal just how busy the school is

– disgorging is such a beautiful word and it again suggests the sheer amount of kids and also the chaotic nature of the movement

– Love the metaphor of these intrepid children managing their way through the chaos (tsunami) – again layering up your understanding through use of word choice. The clever use of diminutive reveals just how brave these children are to push their way through

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