Analysis Monday – Foreign Correspondent

Every Monday we will be looking at a short extract from a text and analysing what and how the writer has written it.

Feel free to add your own analysis in the comments!


“As a kid, I used to think that Foreign Correspondents were the most exciting of people. They were professional seekers of chaos, rushing to the scene of any global disaster, willingly hurling themselves into the fire. It’s what I always wanted to be.

Dom Joly

– Use of contrast to show how unusual these Foreign Correspondents are – they do a job in an area which is in meltdown, and they have to appear to be calm and efficient. Seekers also implies that they hunt for this chaos – that it is a conscious choice.

– Two words, action words, that builds from that idea of them being “Seekers” It shows the speed at which they work and also implies how they choose this life. It also adds to the idea that this is an exciting job.

– Two phrases which highlight the danger of what they are doing

– “Willingly” – builds on the idea of “Seekers” this is something they choose to do. Showing their adventerours, thrill-seeking side

– Simple sentence at the end of the quote and yet it reveals a lot about Dom Joly’s character. It is an effective end to this paragraph.



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