Analysis Monday – Pawnbroker

Every Monday we will be looking at a short extract from a text and analysing what and how the writer has written. Feel free to add your own comments!


What a place of broken promises and lost hopes the pawnbroker proved to be! Every class, every profession, every walk of life was represented in its grubby windows, the detritus of so many lives pinned like butterflies behind the glass. Overhead a wooden sign with three red balls on a blue background hung on rusty chains, refusing to swing in the breeze, as if to assert that nothing here would ever move, that once the owners had lost their possession they would never see them again.

Anthony Horowitz

– Word choice “broken” and “lost” reveals the hopelessness of the pawnbrokers  – developed further by the repetition of “lost”

– Use of a list and repetition of “every” emphasises that anyone and everyone uses a pawnbrokers.

– Description of the exterior helps to develop further that hopeless mood and feeling.

– Transferred Epithet – it is the people who is lacking in energy – drained by the experience of the pawnbrokers.


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