Happy Birthday Michael Morpurgo!

I think this quote sums up the magic and power of Michael Morpurgo!



“I think we yearn to feel close to our fellow creatures. We long to feel we are part of their world, not mere observers. Certainly that is true for me. I am lucky enough to live and work in the heart of the countryside. As I write this, sheep are shifting in the field beyond my window, policed by foraging crows, a blue tit clings upside down in the thatch searching for insects for the straw, a whirl of starlings unfolds in the wind and is buffeted away over Innocents’ Copse. I have only to put on my boots and walk down the high-hedged lane towards the Torridge river to see where the badger has passed on his way last night up his alleyway through the field hedge. My nose tells me a fox has been by even more recently. Down by the river I might see a heron lifting off and lumbering skywards, and I might hear the slap of a leaping salmon and the plop of a water rat. If I’m lucky, I’ll spot a kingfisher flashing by, straight as a jewelled arrow – gone before I saw it. And if I’m very silent, still and patient, I might know that moment again when an otter came away. We just met. And when tonight I go milking under a star-filled heaven, the vixen will cry at me and the twany owl will let me know he’s there and watching, and I’ll feel part of it all, just one of them.”