Poetry Friday; Sheep – C. Kenneth Burrow

This is just a beautiful poem about bedraggled sheep who get a glimpse of the sun!



Huddled, rain-drenched, forlorn they stood,
Their fleeces blown one way;
The wet wind cried in solitude
About the failing day.

Leaves whirled below, aloft; the sky
Sagged like a sodden shroud;
No stir of life, no pleading cry,
Came from the draggled crowd.

Sudden the western portals wide
Opened on that gaunt fold;
Then lo, a flock beautified
With fleeces dripping gold!

C. Kennett Burrow

Poetry Friday; The Poetry Grand National – Roger Stevens

Love the central image of this poem – and how he uses what each of the features of language are to create this poem.



The Poetry Grand National

The horses line up

They’re under starter’s orders

They’re off


Adverb leaps gracefully over the first fence

Followed by adjective

A sleek grey


Simile is overtaking on the outside

Like a pebble skimming the water


Halfway round the course

And Hyperbole is gaining on the leaders

Travelling at a million miles an hour


Adverb strides smoothly into first place.


Haiku had good odds

But is far behind – and falls

At the last sylla-



And as they flash past the winning post

The crowd is cheering

The winner is


Who quietly takes a bow


Roger Stevens

Analysis Monday – Crisps

Every Monday we will be looking at short extract from a text and analysing what and how the writer has written.

Feel free to add your own comments/analysis below!



“The first thing that strikes you about tasting commercially manufactured crisps of any kind is the aroma. And these are no different.

Open either of the packets and it’s like, Pow! Whoosh! and Pong-ee! Foul vapours rise up to the nostrils, like the windy excretions of a cat without a conscience. All crisps stink: as little more than starchy agglomerations of grease and salt, they need to fool us into thinking they’re vehicles for genuine flavour, “real” or otherwise.”

Amol Rajan (link to full article http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/food-and-drink/reviews/pong-ee-amol-rajan-tries-the-new-walkers-potato-crisps-8513760.html)

– Short sentence to emphasise the point the writer is making – showing that nothing has changed

– Informal words and use of italics helps emphasise the humourous tone of the words and also reveals how strongly unpleasant the smell is.

– “Foul vapours” – use of word choice to highlight the strength of the smell but this image is also humourous adding to the tone of the extract (see also the word “stink”)

– This image (simile) also has the dual purpose of showing the strength of the smell while developing the humourous tone of the extract

– Use of semi colon is to allow the writer to give an explanation as to why crisps smell

– Is a deeply unpleasant description of crisps, which is unappealing to the reader. This is his central point about why crisps have to have an aroma

– Use of speech marks to show his disbelief that the crisps flavours are real – even if the manufacturers say that they are


Analysis Monday – Apart

Each Monday we will be looking at a short extract from a text and analysing what and how the writer has written. Feel free to add your own comments/analysis below!


“We had spent ten weeks apart, a stretch of time that for me was like a long, empty road, punctuated every so often by signs of lifethe quick letters he scrawled on Army stationary, the three short phone calls he was allowed to make.”

– Use of a simile to compare her life to a road – it helps to show the effect of this serpation her. Empty shows how much she missed her husband and long helps to show how much of a burden it was for her to be without him.

– Punctuated – Something that occurs at intervals – I think shows clearly how much impact these “signs of life” has on the writer. They interupt the wait for her.

– The use of the dash is to allow the writer to expand on what signs of life she did recieve, allowing readers to develop a deeper understanding of what her life was like.

-“scrawled” makes you think of a letter hastily written which in this context, I think shows how much these scraps of life mean to her – they were written quickly but he still took the time to write them and therefore are important to her.

If you wish to read this article in full you can find it here:  http://velamag.com/there-are-no-goodbyes-in-the-army/5/